Alison Lyon Painting


Alison Lyon

 As a child I was always drawing and painting - influenced by my mum and encouraged by my dad and brothers. However a set of pastels bought for my sixteenth birthday by my brother really ignited my love for landscapes.

I turned to oils when my children were born, thinking it would be easier to combine two lively children and a paintbrush - not so but I love working with oils, pastels and graphite.
We have a boat and travel up the West Coast of Scotland and out to the islands as often as possible and everywhere I look I see a painting. Back at the studio the process can take from a couple of days to weeks and even months to capture that initial atmosphere and light that inspired me. I work with brushes.palette knives. fingers and sleeves.
The ever changing light and weather, the exciting landscape from majestic mountains through glens to lochs and crashing waves on remote beaches make it almost impossible not to paint. I am blessed to have been born in such an environment and hope I do it justice in my paintings.

 Drawing and painting portraits - human and other! - is a more recent endeavour. You get to know your subject even working solely with photographs and I'm always sorry to see them go.

Victoria Lyon

Victoria Lyon or Mum as I know her! has painted and drawn all her life. I remember watching her from a young age and she has had a big influence on my love of painting and drawing. These days she combines her yoga teaching with pastel painting. Her animals are so full of life and vitality - you could reach out and stroke them.